Roots Home Services

Our goal is to consistently address the infrastructural and other needs of stakeholders within and outside the shores of Nigeria by meeting and exceeding client expectations

What We Stand For

Roots Home Services Ltd is a multinational corporation that specialises in project management, provision of concierge services, construction, bore hole drilling in Nigeria to address the infrastructural needs of Nigerians in the diaspora. We help Nigerians in the Diaspora to achieve their dreams and needs at home in Nigeria. We give them satisfaction and peace of mind on their projects.

Our Services

What we Offer

Diaspora Services to be rendered.

Errand services

Taking care of Elderly parents and paying bills, arranging weddings/burials

Business services

C of O, due diligence, investment advisory. Business registration and meeting compliances.

Private investigation services

Project Management

Construction and borehole drilling

Concierge services including Airport pickups / car hire

Our Team Strength

We have a network of professionals that span across the whole of Nigeria.

Skilled Staff

We are equipped with skilled workers who are dedicated to make your dreams a reality in every possible way.

Management Team

As a Service provider in a very challenging and dynamic market, our most important asset is our management staff.


Our network of professionals spans across the whole of Nigeria ensuring we deliver top notch service and making sure you can go to sleep wherever you are in the world knowing your projects in Nigeria is going on well at the best costs and to be delivered on time. We will be there to hold your hand.

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