What We Offer

Diaspora Services to

be rendered

We exceed client expectations while constantly pushing the
frontiers of construction and project management every step of the way.

Errand services

Taking care of Elderly parents and paying bills, arranging weddings/burials, gifts for friends and relations

Business services

C of O, due diligence, investment advisory. Business registration and meeting compliances. Arranging meetings with Government and elected officials

Private investigation services/ security services


Concierge services including Airport pickups / car hire

- Membership requirement with annual fee of $150
- Discounted off service rendered
- Members can make a request for information on any topic and research would be provided for free.

Construction and borehole drilling


Project Management

We handle your building projects from Architectural design , Engineering designs to actual construction. We do this at the best prices and delivered on time. No excuses. We also project manage your social responsibility projects in your community in Nigeria giving you the guarantee that your funds are used for what you want them used for

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